We equip entire rooms or just small corners

Whether you are planning to buy a custom-made kitchen, looking for a design coffee table or solid wood dining table, you are in the right place. We will help you to put your idea on paper and you can choose from a wide range of final adjustments, from modern colours to retro patina. Everything is then handed over to our carpenters, who rigorously create your new piece.

Make no mistake, we can do much more than just coffee tables. We furnished whole restaurants or guesthouses. If you want to know more, check out our Projects or Contact us!


We prefer solid wood, but we work also with its cheaper alternatives

Mostly we produce from oak, ash and spruce wood. A popular solution is the spruce bio-plate, made under strict environmental regulations without the use of chemicals. It behaves like natural solid wood and is characterized by its shape, stability and strength. The materials can be combined in various ways, retaining a luxurious look while devising a more economical variant – such as combination of hardwood on the visible parts of furniture and laminate or medium density fibreboards on the inner parts.

Furniture can be completed with automatic closing, deceleration hinges or handle-less opening. We order all forgings from HALEN and SCHACHERMAYER.

We care about details

We offer a wide range of final adjustments. One of the most popular ones is “brushing”. With a steel or a nylon brush we create deeper structures into the wood, which can be even more accentuated by a topcoat. Mordants, waxes or transparent colours underline the texture of the wood as well. We have a broad-spectrum of shades of water-based CAPAROL colours in our workshops.